As part of the PhD program with the Nova Scotia’s Inter-University Educational Doctoral Studies Program, a significant requirement was to complete a comprehensive portfolio which consists of the five key competency areas involving: (1) General Knowledge; (2) In-Depth Knowledge; (3) Research Knowledge and Competencies; (4) Professional and Collegial Competencies; and (5) Teaching and Instructional Competencies.

The Inter-University Doctoral PhD Program is co-hosted with St. Francis Xavier University, Mount Saint Vincent University and Acadia University. My home university is St. Francis Xavier University (StFX). I started this program in July of 2023 with an anticipated completion date of May 2028.

My supervisor is Dr. David Young (StFX). My committee members include Dr. Wendy Mackey (StFX) and Dr. William Ankomah (StFX).

In this portfolio, I will share a full narrative about my journey leading up to the enrollment of the PhD program. Additionally, within subsections based on the five key competencies, I will also provide narrative details around each artifact. Finally, I will provide a ‘Moving Forward’ section where I will address my anticipated plans for the future.

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General Knowledge
Broad familiarity with understanding prominent social and scientific and educational theoretical traditions and trends related to educational studies.


Moving Forward

Collection of Artifacts

This portfolio contains twelve (12) artifacts which represent the evolving journey I have experienced so far within the PhD program. Six (6) of the artifacts are derived from the five PhD courses taught throughout the 2023-2024 academic year. Two (2) of the artifacts are related to my home institution of StFX. One (1) artifact is personal. Finally, three (3) of the artifacts are tied to my engagement efforts with the local and international community. Each of these items were carefully chosen as they served as the foundational legacy of my progress so far.

For each of the carefully chosen artifacts, I will provide readers with a narrative rationale as to why I chose such items. I will also address how the artifact meets the competency areas set forward by the Doctoral Student Handbook. Additionally, I will provide details on how the artifact has contributed to the development of my knowledge, attitudes and skills within educational studies. It is important to note that I am deeply proud of these collections as they are not only treated as artifacts but are also my most prized treasures. They provide a representation of the efforts I have put in to not only better myself, but to support others around me.

Teaching & Instructional Competencies
Range of teaching competencies demonstrative of readiness to assume the role of teacher and mentor in academia and other educational / training contexts.

In-Depth Knowledge
Thorough and detailed knowledge of a range of issues in their specific doctoral focus area theme(s).

Professional & Collegial Competencies
Demonstrate a range of professional competencies that will enhance active professional engagement.

Research Knowledge & Competencies
Demonstrate research competence and critical analysis of current research and methodological issues.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” (Rumi).

Citadel High School Science Teacher