Citadel High School Science Teacher

Google Classroom and Class Content Will Be Activated the Last Week of April for my Return!


For any students using an iOS device, you will be incorporating PhyPhox into your lab experiments. This is a new way to enhance your lab experiments. Highly recommended for all Physics students.

Class Calendar

Students and families can view the class calendar. The calendar shows upcoming due dates, assessment dates, and important and relevant information for students and families to see.

**All applications / programs are free. Having digital technology is not a requirement for success; however for those who do have access, it enhances the learning experience. Students must be responsible and aware that technology usage is not a right, but a privilege. Unacceptable usage will not be tolerated in the classroom context **

Video Guides

To help families and students navigate my web site, I also placed some short video guides to help people navigate my vast resources. These video guides will help navigate my resources with ease.

Google Class

Students have direct access to their Google Classrooms using their GNSPES email accounts. For parents and guardians who do not have access to Google Classroom, please speak to your child and obtain their username and password to log in. That way, you can view the course materials.


Zoom is a web-based teleconferencing suite that is used for online help (if and when run). Students can log in for free by installing the Zoom application on their phones, PC, or MacBook. Zoom is only available when Mr. Ngo runs it.

The class ID # is: 958-326-9882

Air Transfer+

This is a free program offered on the iTunes store. It allows the user to drag and drop E-Books, PDFs, images, and other documents onto a user's iPhone, iPod, or iPad. This may come in handy for those wishing to use E-Books rather than physical textbooks. A guide is offered here.

For Google Classroom Code - Only authorized users are sent the code for access!