At a Glance

B.Sc. Adv. Major in Physics & Math (Dal, 07)
B.Ed. Secondary Education (St.FX, 09)
M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction (St. FX, 14)

​M.Ed. Leadership & Administration (St. FX, 17)

​Graduate Thesis Candidate (St. FX, Current)

Favorite Quote:
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts" (Winston Churchill)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Citadel High School Science Teacher

Purpose of Education

The purpose of education is to develop proper 'habits of minds'. As learners are formally educated, learners are purposely developing habits that exist within scientific or liberal arts paradigms which includes reasoning, insight, energy, skill, creativity, intellectual honesty, skepticism, responsibility, independence, and openness to new ideas. Therefore, education (in a broad sense) is to initiate, enlighten, reinforce, and clarify clear learning goals that are directly connected to student's habit of mind based on student's individual contexts. My ultimate goal is to develop and prepare learners for the future utilizing these 'habits of minds'. Lets envision what learning is supposed to be!

What do you value most in students?

Every engaged learner has something valuable to contribute to the class. As long as students come to class, try their best, and positively contribute to the learning environment, we will both benefit from such collaboration and contributions.

How are classes conducted?

Depending on the class, I utilize a 35 min (lecture) - 30 min (application) - 10 min (wrap-up) strategy. Science classes are best when we can apply our knowledge to practice. The breakdown does not apply to IB classes. For IB classes, it's usually 60 min (lecture) & 15 min (application). Additional homework will be required for further success.

What interests or hobbies do you have?

Learning / Research, Travel, Martial Arts, Photography, and Volunteerism.

Is there a course outline and outcomes sheet I can access?
On my Google Drive, there is a main folder link within each topic folder called 'Course Documents'. It contains all the major relevant course files such as course outlines.