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PhD in Educational Studies (StFX, Current)

Non-Degree Master's Level Thesis (StFX, 2023)

MEd Leadership & Administration (StFX, 2017)

MEd Curriculum & Instruction (StFX, 2014)

BEd Secondary Education (StFX, 2009)

BSc Double Major in Physics & Math (DAL, 2007)

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"Don't limit and settle for anything less than what you are truly capable of achieving"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Citadel High School Science Teacher

Purpose of Education

The purpose of education is to develop proper 'habits of minds'. As learners are formally educated, learners are purposely developing habits that exist within scientific or liberal arts paradigms which includes reasoning, insight, energy, skill, creativity, intellectual honesty, skepticism, responsibility, independence, and openness to new ideas. Therefore, education (in a broad sense) is to initiate, enlighten, reinforce, and clarify clear learning goals that are directly connected to student's habit of mind based on student's individual contexts. My ultimate goal is to develop and prepare learners for the future utilizing these 'habits of minds'. Lets envision what learning is supposed to be!

My Shared Memories

What do you value most in students?
Every engaged learner has something valuable to contribute to the class. As long as students come to class, try their best, use every opportunity to succeed, and positively  contribute to the learning environment, we will both benefit from such collaboration and teamwork!

How are classes conducted?

At Citadel High School classes are 75 minutes in length. For non-IB classes, I utilize roughly 40-45 minutes of class time for instruction. After this time, I allocate 15-20 minutes of class time for practice. That way students can apply what they've learned to different circumstances. It also provides an opportunity for students to seek additional help and support. Finally, 10 minutes of class time is allocated to debriefing and reviewing concepts learned from the previous class to the materials learned in the present class (bridging).

For my IB classes, more time will be focused towards instruction. When time permits, there will be additional class time focused towards in-class practice.

Where can I find the course outline and outcomes?

Parents and guardians are unable to access the Google Classroom with their accounts. Therefore, if you wish to access Google Classroom to access such documents, I encourage you to speak to your child and use their sign-in to access such documents.

My child is experiencing difficulty with the materials, are there resources I can access to help support my child?

Depending on the course, I have plenty of resources to help support families. Most of my courses have video podcasts complimenting much of the concepts and materials. The video podcasts cover roughly 80-85% of the materials taught in class. All of my students have access to their online course notes (with the exception of materials written live), solution keys to all practice problems, handouts, and other class-related content (with the exception of test solution keys; that is available in-person only).