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To help families and students navigate my web site, I also placed some short video guides to help people navigate my vast resources. These video guides will help navigate my resources with ease.

A few pictures of the cool things happening in the classroom (captions included)!

School schedules:

Video Guides

Students and families can view the class calendar. The calendar shows upcoming due dates, assessment dates, and important and relevant information for students and families to see.

Important Info:

Class Calendar

Whats Happening in the Class?

1 (A-B): Physics 11
2 (A-B): Physics 11
3 (A): Science 10
4 (A-B): Physics 11

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The Nova Scotia PhD program in Educational Studies requires a fully completed Scholarly Portfolio after the first year of study with the intention of demonstrating one's research and scholarly competencies. .
[Portfolio Page in Progress]

Students formally enrolled in Mr. Ngo's class will automatically be invited into Google Classroom

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Citadel High School Science Teacher

This web site is made for parents, students, guardians, and stakeholders. It is an expense that I personally incur to foster improved communication and educational experiences to those who are connected to my classroom.

"Lets Envision What Learning Is Supposed To Be!"

Every year, students entering a new class have much anxiety; maybe students don't know what to expect. I want students to know that they do not have to be anxious. My students' achievements are my achievements. I truly believe that education is collaborative; it takes the teacher, student(s), and family for all facets of learning to succeed. A student should not work harder than the teacher. The teacher should not work harder than the student. Therefore,
equal responsibility must be shared to ensure continued success.

Students fully immersed in my classroom should have an enjoyable and enriching learning experience. Success begins with hard work, dedication, commitment, and most importantly, responsibility. Sure, there will be times students may stumble, but please never hesitate to ask for help or clarification. I wish all students the best in their semester with me!

Due to the changes in teacher schedules, help will only be offered during class time. There will be built-in class time for students to do additional work and practice. 'Starters' at the beginning of class will be conducted to answer any lingering questions students may have.

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