ios Phyphox program

New for 2018-19 School Year - For any students using an iOS device, you will be incorporating PhyPhox into your lab experiments. This is a new way to enhance your lab experiments. Only 1 person per lab group will need it. It is highly recommended for all Physics students.

Google Drive

Students can access most relevant course files through Google Drive. No passwords are needed for accessing files. No one will need to log-in to access the notes.

**All applications / programs are free. Having digital technology is not a requirement for success; however for those who do have access, it enhances the learning experience. Students must be responsible and aware that technology usage is not a right, but a privilege. Unacceptable usage will not be tolerated in the classroom context **

Citadel High School Science Teacher

Air Transfer  

All web files via Google drive are viewable using any internet capable device. But, anyone can transfer any files directly to their iOS device using Air Transfer (a free APP); and it's free. Instructions can be found on the main page of my web site!


Want to find out when PowerSchool is updated? What about knowing important class details? How about asking for 'digital extra help'? You don't need an account to view; but will need one to message.